Alternative to Yahoo Finance API

The surging demand for APIs has seen their mass creation. However, the daily financial market dynamics have also rendered most of them season outdated. The implication is that an API used last year might not be competent this year or years to come as it was. We have witnessed discontinuation of many APIs because of various reasons. Yahoo Finance API is one of them. It was like Gold in value in financial data for all users regardless of their experience. The API was easy to use. The platform was discontinued. However, there are reliable and easy-to-use alternatives.

What other Alternatives do we have?

I am sure you, as well as other people out there, are having many questions about Yahoo Finance API. The platform is no longer available because it was discontinued. However, we are here with good news, that there are reliable alternatives that you can use to get your trading and financial market data. In this article, we will share several APIs that a user can use in their quest for market data and trading. To be equipped for your next trade, continue reading this post to the end.

Alternative to Yahoo Finance API

Not all APIs operate the same or give similar outcomes; therefore, as a user chooses the one that they are comfortable with and meet their market expectations. Below are some of the best alternatives.

Alphavantage API

The platform is among the leading free API providers. It gives access to crypto, Forex, stock, and historical data. Alphavantage has a resourceful community of engineers, business professionals, and researchers. In this platform, a user has a maximum of five free requests in 60 seconds. They cap the daily free requests at 500. With that capping, the server is not overstretched, offering excellent performance. For more features and requests, one has to request a paid API Key. The good thing with their premium is that you can access limitless requests, and you are free to cancel at your convenience.

The premium plans range from $29.99 to $249, with varying requests per minute. You will get both the day end and intraday market historical data. The platform offers crypto, forex, and stock data inclusive of over 50 indicators globally. However, contact details are not available. We will update immediately we get them. To access, link your preferred tool through stock APIs-JSON and API Key.

Marketstack API

Marketstack provides real-time data update with over 30 years of historical data backup. If you are planning in starting a project, this is the best API to use. The platform offers better services than Yahoo Finance API therefore; it does not offer free access. However, they have a testing free plan that enables you to access one year historical data and a monthly1000 EOD Market data Requests.

Marketstack currently has over 4 diverse plans. The basic paid plan costs $9.99 with 10000 requests per month. You will also get ten years of data history and intraday data is available. In case you need huge data, getting a premium of $49.99 and above is essential. In those plans, the user will get over thirty years of historical data, with real-time updates, and intraday updates. For a yearly billing, a user gets a discount of 20%.

They have offices in UK, and Austria and the firm is part of Apilayer GmbH Company.

EOD Historical Data API

The platform offers over sixty forex, cryptocurrencies, and stock exchanges. It also supports mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds. The platform offers over 760,000,000 data points with over 20 years’ fundamental data and over 30 years’ historical data.

The highest premium plan that costs $49.99 entails 100,000 API Request each day and access to the entire data, such as dividends, option, bonds, as well as fundamental data. That is not all. There is also a $19.99 data plan, that entitles a user to over 60 indexes, stock exchange, and forex pairs, including 100,000API Requests daily. Are you a student? Your financial constraints are covered. The platform will offer you a 50% discount if you reach out to them before signing up.

Their documentation is clear and well structured therefore; it is a great resource of data and knowledge. There are free excel templates and instant solutions to Matlab, Windows, Excel, and WordPress. You can also get a free historical data plan for testing. Finally, the data is accurate and reliable because it comes from prominent sources like NASDAQ plus 14 other sources.

Quandl API

The firm is headquartered in Toronto, and is largely an all data marketplace. Here, a user gets economic, market, financial and many more data. Corporate, hedge funds, Fintech and over 400,000 investors use this platform. For data analysts there are resourceful data tools that come in handy, such as Matlab, unique data sets, python, and Excel.

After a free sign up, a user, can access various payment premiums for the data sets. It is also rated highly for getting data because NASDAQ, one of the most reliable data source, owns it. Even though its price structure is complex, you can pay monthly to access all data. It calls for a user to be specific on what they specifically they need to avoid confusion because of the many data bundles. Enjoy their free data clusters for the API testing.

Intrinio API

The major purpose of the platform is to give accurate and reliable data to analysts and innovators in defining financial data future. Their focus is on startups, financial institutions, Fintech, and public companies. They use algorithms to map out data automatically. To learn and access the data, businesses should make a consultative request. For now their plans and pricing information is not available however, we will update immediately once we get the information.

As previously said in the beginning, there many APIs in the market today, it is important to be cautious and careful as you choose which one to use. Another crucial aspect to note is that nowadays to get an all data and multi API; you must be ready to invest in them. The very few Free APIs out there are very limited in many aspects. Let us meet on our next post.